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                    Xuzhou Liqun Chemical Co.,Ltd.
                    Main products: organic chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates, textile dyes and intermediates, food additives
                    Benomyl technical material
                    Phenethyl isocyanate
                    Diphenyl carbonate
                    p-phenylene diisocyanate
                    dimethylcarbamoyl chloride
                    Cyclohexyl isocyanate
                    Thiophanate-Methyl technical material

                    Xuzhou Liqun Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 with investment of RMB 5 million Yuan. Our company is professional in manufacturing of industrial chemicals. Our technical person has riche experience in manufacturing of organic chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates. And we can solve problems in manufacturing process for our customers. Based on abundant fund and powerful production capacity, we can completely meet customer requirements.

                    Xuzhou Liqun Chemical Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in organic chemical and medical intermediate, dyes and textile intermediate, food additive, organic solvent and coating additive, organic silicon and polyurethane material. And our company makes efforts to develop new products and promote product technique.

                    Insisting on core value of “innovation, cooperation and team”, we make full use of source advantages to improve our competition. Xuzhou Liqun Chemical Co., Ltd. would like to cooperate with wide friends and create brilliant future hand in hand with you!

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